Wednesday, May 27, 2009


dada 4

dada 3

dada 2

Lily says DA DA. this video is a little dark but the other ones wont be as dark.

Just a cute video

Photo Shoot AGAIN

Water Garden GEms

We went to the Water Garden Gems and saw some huge fish that we wish we had a bigger pond that we could put them in.

Gettin Big

Lily has had allergies for the last couple of days but look how happy she still is.

We are slowly trying to move from the bottle to the sippy cup.

Silly Lily

Lily and a pool

Lily had a blast with Mom and Dad in the pool over at Pat and Elma's house. Thanks for letting us use the pool.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lily and LayLay

Lily hasn't used a pacifer since she was born. But she does have her LayLay that she sucks on to go to sleep or just to have with her. If we don't have LayLay around we have to try and find something else. Her Godparents Joanna and Derrick got her this for Christmas and she loves it. I am afraid to wash LayLay bc she may not think it is the same. LOL.